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New PRP Injections

PRP injections (or platelet rich plasma therapy) is a
new treatment method that relieves pain by promoting
long lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions.

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Holistic care

We focus on you, not just your pain. While relief is first, helping you return to full functionality is also our goal. We treat each patient with a “whole body” approach. We can make referrals for physical therapy and water therapy and are comfortable with most holistic treatment options. By combining pain management treatments—such as chiropractic care acupuncture, transdermal electro-techniques, and more—with a proven spectrum of holistic medical care, we help you feel your best.

Our Services

Pain Relief

Two of the most comforting words are “pain relief.” Whether chronic or acute, pain disrupts our lives and the enjoyment of living more than almost anything. Our staff understands. No other pain management center cares more about taking you to that indescribable place called “relief.”

Physician expertise

We know that pain management is very specialized medical treatment. Our staff is deeply caring with exceptional experience in pain management. The synergy created by our team’s combined training and skill gives patients a unique treatment “power force.” When you have pain, you know how much this can mean.

Leading-edge techniques

Pain management, like other medical fields, requires a talented staff trained in advanced practices. Plus, that team must have the latest equipment and strategies available for patients. Our team excels in using the best treatment options for your personal situation. It’s another way we demonstrate that we care about you.

Helping Patients since 2006

Our staff uses the latest treatment options in a caring, compassionate approach. We serve Norman and the greater Oklahoma City area with results that only an experienced and skilled group of medical professionals working in tandem can deliver.

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