Why waiting is worse.

From weeks to months, pain can start and grow. Tiny aches and pains are seen as minor and unimportant. Is it normal to put off going to the doctor for pain complications?Desperate man with headache

The answer is yes. The average person waits 6 months to see a doctor about pain. If your pain is effecting your mobility, and hasn’t decreased in 4 weeks, it’s time to get help. Some symptoms of not receiving proper treatment includes depression and brain shrinkage.

Is exercise not working for you? Trying slow movements rather than fast ones. This can help your body ease into being more active, especially if done in water. Be alert of the narcotics you are taking and how they might react in result of physical activities.

Natural treatments aren’t working? Natural remedies can leave nasty side effects that can affect other parts of your body. Having a professional observe your problems is the safest way to go.

Once you have found a specialists that can treat you, stick to that specialist unless you feel they are treating you improperly. Flopping between specialists can rack up unnecessary bills from test and appointments. If you are confused about the options between surgery and therapy, talk to your specialist.