The holidays are always fun and stress-free…for kids. For anyone in charge of making the magic happen, the holiday season can be stressful. The holidays can be a trigger for pain flares. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help prevent pain flares:

  1. Don’t Indulge Too Much: Taking a few bites of those holiday goodies isn’t necessarily a bad thing. To help from over-indulging eat healthy snacks before your favorite holiday goodies. This will help you from possibly gaining a few extra pounds that could put stress on your joints and spine.
  2. Have a Light Schedule: Don’t double book yourself or book too many back to back activities. Avoid over working your body from rushing from party to party. Also keep in mind the time you spend in a vehicle sitting down. This could cause back pain flares. Just pace yourself and take breaks to relax. This will help release tense you might be building up on your body from stress.
  3. Remember to Sleep: After a long day of holiday cheer remember to give your body a break. Try your best to stick to your normal sleep schedule. Having a poor night’s sleep can cause more pain the following day. Your grandparents were not lying when they said a good night’s rest does the body wonders.
  4. Avoid Heated Topics: Getting into a heated argument with friends and family members can add stress to your body resulting in a pain flare. Steer clear of stressful situations by having an escape plan or coming up with topics to help transition the conversation. There is no complete way to dodge your Aunt’s side comment but we can control how we react to it.

The best way to help avoid pain flares is to try to reduce the stress you place on your body. Remember to enjoy the holidays, but know it is ok to take a break from all the activities.