Norman-Pain-Describe-PainWhenever you go into a doctor’s office they always ask you to describe your pain. Whether it is bearable or not, it truly helps to describe your pain as accurately as possible for a proper diagnosis.

Here are some terms that may be helpful:

  • Dull pain- A slow or weak pain, not very sudden or strong.
  • Throbbing pain– A pain that surges, beats, or pounds.
  • Steady pain- A pain that does not change in its intensity.
  • Sharp pain- Pain that causes intense mental or physical distress, that may feel “knife-like.”
  • Acute pain- Severe pain that lasts a relatively short period of time.
  • Chronic or persistent pain- Mild to severe pain that is present to some degree for long periods of time.
  • Breakthrough pain- When you are taking medication for chronic pain, moderate to severe pain that occurs between doses is pain that “breaks through”.