From watching your favorite team play or going to your kid’s sports games it is always exciting but sitting in the stands for hours can be a painful experience! There are things you can pexels-photo-434633do to prevent what’s called “bleacher back”.

At the next big game you attend, keep your back health in mind by remembering to:

  • Maintain good posture and sit up straight.
  • Bring along or purchase a stadium chair, blanket or lawn chair to cushion the bleacher and better support your back.
  • Stand to cheer as often as you can. This encourages movement to keep things loose.
  • When you feel pain, get up and move around or stretch your hamstrings and hip flexors.
  • Work on strengthening your core before the game
  • Have half of your body weight in fluid in ounces per day

By following the steps above and actively keeping yourself hydrated, you are going to have less inflammation and can sit for a longer period of time.