Care and respect are of the utmost importance on your procedure day. Our staff understands that it’s entirely natural to feel anxious or emotional. We’ll be at your side to assist. Your procedure day is one of the most crucial opportunities for us to show how much we care. It is our goal to succeed every time.

What to expect

When you call to make your first inquiry or first appointment you will be asked about your personal and insurance information. Some insurances do require a referral for specialists so, we may also ask you about your primary care physician so that we can contact them about this referral. We may ask if you have had recent Radiology studies such as MRI, Cat Scan, or X-rays. It may be possible to get these reports prior top your first visit so that a treatment plan may be expedited. As with any new patient encounter, there will be paper work to complete. We can mail this to you if time allows. If not please allow 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete this.